WTB Leaf Aptus 65/75, CFV39 or Phase One equivalent

I´m looking for a CFV 39, or a Leaf Aptus 65 or 75 for a nice price. Just starting my carrear as a studio photographer. V mount. Europe based only.

Also would consider a Phase One P30+, P40+ or P45+, good priced.


Tue, 01/14/2014 - 16:17

Hi I have a Leaf 65 for H/Blad v   I have been using it on a Mamiya RB with an adaptor but it is actually for h/Blad. Amazing back and I shoot mainly food with it. It has a new electrical board ( and new screen at rear ) and serviced at factory a month ago. I am shooting more 35 DSLR video and selling to purchase a Nikon D800.  Loved working with the Leaf system. Still in use but hardly using it now. Price I am working on as decided last few days to sell it.


Patrick ( Durban - south Africa )