What would be the PERFECT INTRODUCTORY Hasselblad camera?

Submitted by Bob1 on Tue, 01/27/2009 - 19:52

I have shot 35mm film and digital cameras for a while, but I've become really interested in the medium format cameras.  I really want a Hasselblad, but I'm not made out of money and as everyone knows...times are hard.  I am trying to get into the Hasselblads without breaking the bank.  Does anyone have any ideas on what would be a good camera to start with and if you know where one is for a reasonable price?  Thanks for any help.



Well, I would say that Hasselblad have largely stopped servicing 'Older Models' so get someting like my 2002 501cm nothing earlier-- also the 'mirror' movement was improved with the 501CM and better springs in the leaf shutters of the lenses.

Cannot tell you WHERE to get one at 'Bargain Price' unless you contact your local Camera Clubs as they ofthen have members dying off with widows wanting to get rid of their Husbands' 'Old cameras' and stuff !!