A New Member but an Old Snapper "

Good Morning From Darkest Brentwood, Essex ( ENGLAND) -- I finally got my application approved !!

Well, I waited must be 40 years before i took the plunge and bought a 501CM in 2002-- it came with a Prism free and an A12 back, then I got two A16 backs and finally a A24 back off e-bay which jams up after frame 1 and I have to wind on manually to free it up but as the supply of 220 film has virually ceased I don't use it much now . I got a 50mm f4 CFi Distagon and 180mm f4 CFi Sonnar and couplr of extension tubes for close-ups to make my outfit -- luckily it was 'Tax Deductible' at the time as I used it for 'Business Purposes' being a Freelancev Photographer since 1970.  A short while after buying it I went to Austria , A12 back loaded with Kodak Ektachrome ( the only back I had at the time) and it jammed up so could not use the camera any more -- also I had light leaks which I got fixed under warranty in England --  too soon to develop  the infamous Hasselblad Light Leaks I thought !   Then I got it on the A24 and one A16 back so read on various Photography Forums  and the Hasselblad 'Historical 'Site about replacing the light seals and with a bit of help from a fellow Camera Club member who had a workshop got the very small screws undone and replaced the seals with some foam he gave me and a strip of developed film folded over in place of the damaged plastic strip -- NO LEAKS SINCE !!   I get NO WORK now for the Hasselblad so it gets used only for 'Camera Club' use. . I process all my own B&W and most of my C41 rollfilms and do 'traditional prints' in a darkroom with three enlargers, two given ,one bought.  I USED to send photos to Exhibitions but now the FEES and POSTAGE have got so expensive just enter my Club competitions. I will supportt the Photos Section of this site so hope you will view and enjoy ! Bye for now --