Krzysztof A. Fugiel – Photo Biography


I was born in the last Lear of the first half of XX century. After having a fantastic childhood with my beloved Parents Krystyna and Antoni Fugiel and my brother Janusz, I had finished my primary school and then the Lyceum in Krakow.
I was a scout, secondary school team volleyball team member, mountain tourist than mountain guide, cyclists, swimmer with yellow cap, sailor at Polish lakes, downhill skier.
 But when I was 12 years old, my Father Antony Fugiel has given me a very significant gift : 
The Camera was made in USRR and the her Name was Smiena – 2, I still have this Camera with me. The Camera was very simple: you had to set the time and diaphragm, set the distance, then you had to activate the shutter, press the trigger and than wind the film. There was no light meter and automatic focus. The Lens Focus was 40 or 45 mm, I think 40 mm, so it was quite easy to make sharp picture.
I had used this Camera for many, many years, I took it with me to the Tatra mountains, or Beskidy. I made very nice  shots with it.
Then I had Zenit M the Soviet made Camera, but the lens ( 55 mm ) was to soft, so I had resigned. Then I had bought DDR made Camera Exa 500 with interchangeable lenses the standard was 50 mm, I had bought wide angle 28 mm and telephoto 180 mm. All made in German Democratic Republic. Then I had buy very professional light meter also from DDR.
I was a PHOTOGRAPHER, all the money for my equipment; I had got working as a student -  cleaning the windows.  
It was very good equipment, I had made a lot of very good shoots. After few years I had sold it in Sweden and I had bought DDR made Practica. The Camera was bought in Czechoslovakia. The Camera was with light meter and it was quite modern. Frankly speaking I don’t know what happened to her. Then the things gone very fast I had started with Nikon. First Nikon was F 301 with very soft sigma Zoom, then I had got F 801, very, very good one. Then Nikon F 90 with many lenses.
After few years I had changed to Canon. I had happened when I had bought my first DIGITAL Camera Canon PowerShot S 40. I had bought it at Amsterdam Airport, frankly speaking I didn’t know that this is Canon. But it was good choice. Canon S40 than Canon G 6 is still used by my Godson Jerry, quite good and sensitive photographer. Then things has gone fast I had bought Canon PowerShot S 50 and S 55, both has gone. Canon G 10 is still with me and one more professional Camera - Canon 350 D with good zoom lens.
I m using also medium size Camera 6 x 6 cm, Hasselblad 501 C.
So as you can see, photography is my passion. I was so lucky to work in oil industry in many countries ie; Iraq, India, Pakistan, Russia, Kazakhstan and Mozambique. I was also lucky to visit countries like Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Swiss, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Holland, France, Yugoslavia, United Arab Emirates, England, Scotland, Italy, Greece, South Africa, US and Canada.