Hi There I'm a Newbie

Submitted by shatzy48 on Mon, 03/11/2013 - 03:00

Just acquired a 500 C/M from my stockbroker. His dad got it when he retired from Merrill Lynch in 1978 and never used it. My broker knew I was a avid photographer and so about 15 years ago he invited me to shoot a roll with it. As it turns out he never used it either and that was the only roll that had ever been shot. A few weeks ago we were just talking over dinner and I mentioned how happy I was to be using my restored 1943 Rolliflex. He said that the Hasselblad was just collecting dust and would I be interested in it.  Well, needless to say the rest is history. Never thought I'd ever have one of these babies, but dreams do come true!