Hello all, I am a Hassy 201F owner

Submitted by ComicDom1 on Fri, 04/10/2009 - 07:38

Hi, my name is Jason and I am a Hassy 201F owner.  I purchased this body last summer after buy and returning a 553ELX that was not as represented, and then buying and selling a 500CM because I found the 201F and it has a longer mirror like the 501C.  It also gives me the best of both worlds since I can use all the Hasselblad shutter based  lenses on it except for the early screw mount.  In addition because of the built in focal plane shutter I can use the shutterless lenses as well.  

Prior to buying the 201F I bought an 80mm F 2.8  T* C lens that David Odess had gone through completely.  It is a beautiful lens and is in mint condition. Shortly after I bought a 150mm F 4 C lense.  Since buying the 201F , I also have in my lens arsenal, Two F lenses.  One of them is a 50mm F 2.8 and the other is 110mm F 2.0 because I do like fast glass.  From what I understand both the 50 F 2.8 and 110 F 2.0 are highly sought after. I have yet to shoot them.  Part of that is my fault because I did not want to carry my Hassy Gear out in winter months.  Now that we are getting into the spring and summer months, I will be more likely to get out and shoot the Hassy more.

I am not new to film.  I am 52 years old and my father was a camera enthusiast.  He put a camera in my hands when I was about 8 years old.  In fact I have that camera ( a brownie) sitting on a shelf in my living room along with some other older cameras.  I have shot many brands of cameras over the years and I do have dark room experience in my past although I am pretty rusty now.  Most of my medium format experience is with Rollei TLRs.  I sold the Rollei's off along with the film camera's I was shooting at the time the Canon 1D arrived in the digital world.  Since that time for some reason I bought and sold some other film cameras including a K1000.

My current film cameras include a Kodak 110, Canon 630, Canon Eos 3 with eye focus and Hasselblad 201F.

My Digital cameras are the Canon 1D, Canon 1DMKII, Canon 5D, and Olympus E-1

I also have a full set of studio lights and varied other equipment.

As you can see I have way too much gear and eventually I hope to trim down to 2 film camera's and two digital.

The hardest part about parting with gear is that each one offers something unique.   One of the reason's I have gone back to shooting some film is because digital makes it too easy to rely on the number of frames you can shoot instead of the technique involved in getting a good shot.  I see Photoshop in the same light.   Photoshop has allowed for the lack of perfecting your photography skills to be compensated in a software program.  Of course Photoshop is not the save all catch all in all cases, but a lot of pictures certainly can be rescued by applying some photoshop skills.  Yes we had darkroom techniques in the past where we as photographers were able to manipulate the final print, but it was much more time consuming and expensive to do.  The results we produced were not as easily reproduced as they are in photoshop.

Anyway that is a little information about who I am and the gear I have.

I appreciate this forum being here and available for those of us who are interested in Hasselblad and other related film gear.