My name is Monty, and I am new to Hasselblad with some questions. I'd like to explain what I have done in the past, and what I hope to do in the near future with medium format photography. I have used numerous 4x5 cameras almost exclusively as a younger man. I am 53 now, and I have no desire to lug around all of that heavy equipment any longer. I stepped away from photography for a long period of time as I felt that digital would never equal film and paper. Recently though, I finally broke down and bought a DSLR. I enjoy it for what it is, but I am still looking for more quality than what it gives. I read a week or so ago about someone scanning negs and getting wonderful results, and I am intrigued. I looked on Ebay at a Rollieflex 2.8, but for that price, I am more attracted to a Hasselblad 500 C/M. I have seen some Hassys out on Ebay, but I have no idea where to begin, or what to look for. I konw I want to do B&W portraiture with this camera, and color work is not out of the question either. Does a 500 CM have a light meter built in? I know how to use a hand held, but I am thinking portability. Also, which lenses should I be looking for? I expect to start off with the 80mm and build from there. I will be traveling with this kit, so again portability is a key word here.

Thanks for any and all advice in advance.