Hasselblad 500c

Submitted by willywonka on Thu, 01/28/2010 - 17:44

Hi all.... I've just recently purchased a 500c. Where in all of your best opinions can I buy second hand accessories. Also can anyone offer any guidance on the use extension tubes with 80mm lens. I understand they come in different sizes. What do these mean etc? Many thanks thanks Karl 


Tue, 08/17/2010 - 18:39

Try pokey old Camera Shops, The Mom & Dad type, where Dad's an old pro, who settled down. They may give you a better deal than E-Bay! because they want to sell Hasselblad gear to people who will "keep the faith". The biggest and best piece of advice I can give anyone on the Forum, regardless of topic, is to buy an older edition of "The Hasselblad Manual", 4rth edition, or earlier. 2nd edition is my favourite! It tells everything about opperating the cameras, and is a recognised "bible" of Photography, regardless of which camera you use.

You may decide to go for the "Proxar" indstead of an extension tube, it depends on how close you want to get. Buy or borrow the manual,- it tells all!

Greetings from Norway, David.

Hi Karl,

If you are in the market for additional lenses, check out keh and their bargain lenses (order the best or highest priced bargain rated) and I doubt you will be disappointed.  I just got a 100mm that is in almost mint(a little wear from filters being attached)for less than what much more worn ones go for on ebay.  For everything else I would say ebay would be your best bet for prices and selection(over 100 pages of hasselblad stuff).  I haven't used extension tubes so I can't answer that but photo.net has a fair amount of info on them and you will receive many more responses than you will here.  Also if you post on photo.net make sure you specify what you want to accomplish with the extension tubes as that will help get you the best advice.  That said, enjoy your blad, they are addictive. 




Tue, 06/25/2013 - 19:00

I have gotten a couple of my CZ lenses there. C and CF lenses are still common and the prices are reasonable. However like anything you buy on Fleabay, you are taking a risk getting something sight unseen. Make sure you check out the seller's feedback carefully and I would avoid getting anything from someone with less than 25 feedbacks.

I was fortunate to find a professional photographer who was selling his Hasselblad stuff. I got two lenses from him, a 40mm f/4 CF and 240mm f/5.6 C. Both were in near mint condition and the price was very right for both of them. I walked away for less than $1500 for both.