Flash bracket for 501cm

Submitted by GaryO on Tue, 04/14/2009 - 17:56

I am a new Hasselblad owner - a 501cm. I recently bought a Hasselblad flash bracket, but it doesn't quite fit, and it doesn't have a part number. It appears that the screw hole is too far back. Can you tell me what flash bracket/handle does fit my 501cm ?? Or if I am missing something ?? Gary

 Stroboframes work, and they make a plate (optional item) that secures to the bracket and fits the bottom part of the Hasselblad securely. In this set up, the flash is over the lens. This is what I use. But the setup is somewhat big. I would imagine that Metz has a handle-mount flash that would also work, where the flash is to the right and above the lens. I forget the model number, but it is there only non-dedicated model handle-mount flash. It comes with a bracket, but I don't know if they make plates specifically for the Hasselblad.