ELM problems

Submitted by litteng on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 22:22

sorry to make my first post a question for help.

my lightly used ELM is not itself,


lately with all setting set for single exposure the shutter will trip but the film will not be advanced unitl either th little bayonet in the bottem right corner is pushed  in or the drive switch is moved to "L"


last week  with all settings set for single exposure, upon releasing the shutter the camera trripped the shutter and advanced the film 3 times in succession.

not sure what could cause this, help


Presuming that the selector disc is in the `O` position often a faulty microswitch, or its adjustable position or its actuaction, not helped by caked lubricant can cause this problem, especially if the camera has previously had inexpert `repair` or `alignment`.

How old is the camera body?