"Cheap" digiback for 500 EL/M?

Submitted by TwoTon on Sat, 08/30/2008 - 17:47

Hi everyone,

my dad just decided to bestow upon me his complete Hasselblad equipment from the Seventies: two 500 EL/Ms with meter prisms, 500mm tele lens with rifle stock, six other lenses, bellows, ring flash, macro slider and a ton of other paraphernalia – pretty much everything any Hasselblad fan could dream of.

But of course, there’s trouble in paradise: as a digital-only hobby shooter I understand traditional techniques such as film and dark rooms just as much as an elephant understands knitting, ergo I need a digital back for the Hasselblad. While I’m not exactly vegetating below the poverty line, a digital back will still rip quite a hole in my wallet, so now I’m looking for pointers on the cheapest option (I don’t print my photos, so 16 MB already constitutes overkill for me, and the only requirement I have is a built-in display) and where to buy it.

I found a German website listing the following third-party providers for digital backs matching the Hasselblad V series:

Jenoptik, Megavision, Phase One, Rollei, Scitex, Sienna Imaging, Sinar, Leaf, Fuji and Kodak.

Are there others? Which ones would meet my demands? I wouldn’t rule out buying used gear, by the way.

Thanks very much in advance for your kind help!


wow what a great kit you will have, let me know if you ever what to sell it!
hope the pictures come out good. The CF and CVF options are really your best choice but they are very pricy at around $10,000 maybe second hand you could get a cheaper one I would stick to the weel know names although you might find cheaper products out there the quality wont be as good