Hi Hasselblad Forum Folks,

My name is Guenther J. Gehart, I live in Agoura Hills, CA and have been a Hasselblad user for the past 30 years or so. I retired three years ago and have started to scan a portion of my images (both 35mm slides and 60mm Hasselblad images, [negatives and chromes]) to use them in books I have started to print for our kids and grandkids. My plan is to scan about 10% of my images (about 30,000 of my 35mm and about 20,000 of my 60mm images). Thus far I have gone through roughly 10,000 of the 35mm images. Recently a started to scan some of my 60mm Hasselblad images and just like when I enlarged my own 60mm images in my (home) dark room I was amazed at the difference in"IMAGE QUALITY" on these 60mm scanned images. I am using a NIKON 8000EDS scanner and "SilverFast's" scan software.

When I retired I treated myself to a couple of Canon 35mm digital cameras (a 5D and a 50D) and a couple of their lenses. While the cameras are quite nice and they are fun to shoot with they are not Hasselblads, they are 35 mm and not 60mm cameras. You Hasselblad users know once you have looked through a 60mm view finder a 35mm is like a toy and I simply do not find myself composing an image on these 35mm cameras - I point and shoot. At any rate, now that Hasselblad has some $10,000 or $13,000 digital camera backs I am considering to upgrade my Hasselblad equipment with one of these CFV digital backs. I own several lenses and a couple of bodies (500CM and a 500CXi).  Could some of you who already added a CFV digital back to your equipment give me some feedback on how well the CFV fits into the 500 family. Perhaps include both some PROs and CONs.

Thanks for your feedback.



Tue, 08/10/2010 - 22:37

I have the CFVII, on my 500CM.  Basically lots of pro's , no cons! You can work just like on film, if you want to, but you soom start "sneaking a preview" on the screen, and checking thumbnails. Basically the CFV II has (all) the advantages of digital capture, without the irritations that are usually associated with digital work.