Camera Hasselblad 205 TCC totally new

Submitted by Mario on Wed, 08/24/2011 - 20:43


'm selling this excelent camera  Hasselblad 205 TCC without use TOTALLY NEW, is a precious jewel to the collectors.
Camera body 205 TCC
Film magazine A12 TCC
Lente 80 TCC/ Zeiss Planar F f/ 2.8 80 TCC
Lente 250 TCC Zeiss Tele- Tessar F f/ 4 250 TCC

All certificates of authenticity and manual in German.I have not got the bill because it was a gift of the Siemens directors to my father in 1992.

If somebody is interest my email is mcmarius25 [at] My name is Mario Cordova