New book : Hasselblad and the Moon

New book : Hasselblad and the Moon

Being a collector of Hasselblad cameras for years, I naturally became interested in Hasselblad cameras used by NASA for the Conquest of the Moon.

During my initial search, I quickly noticed that documentation related to these cameras was scarce and mostly incomplete.

So I started to collect cameras, lenses, photographs, instruction leaflets and all the data I could gather about Hasselblad and NASA.

Club Hasselblad website is dedicated to all photographers and enthusiasts around the world who want to share their passion for Hasselblad cameras.

We have gathered all kinds of rare and collectable Hasselblad-related items, from special cameras and lenses to photographs taken on the Moon during Apollo missions.

All cameras and accessories in our Hasselblad museum belong to a French collector.

The Club Hasselblad team.

Using Hasselblad cameras, American astronauts took photographs of the surface of the Moon which will forever remain the most famous photographs of the 20th century. That is History.

And as it is the case with most major historical events, there are some unanswered questions.
The one I am interested in today is: how many Hasselblad cameras did NASA used during Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions ?

NASA and Hasseblad book

I am preparing a book about the collaboration between NASA and Hasselblad from 1962 till the end of the Apollo program in 1972.

I am looking for any kind of data about 500C, SWC and 500 EL cameras used by NASA: how they were prepared, technically modified and enhanced, some photographs, Hasselblad serial numbers and NASA numbers ...

I would also like to make an inventory of Hasselblad cameras in museums and private collections around the world.

All photographs published in my book will show "Collection of" with your name  or simply "Private collection" as per your instructions.

To contact me : webmaster [at] clubhasselblad [dot] com

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