XPANII newbie

Just bought an XPANII. 

Can anyone assist me in getting back into film photography after an absence of 25yrs.  I want to shoot landscape and "street photography".  What is the best b&w film to use, where can I get it developed and how do I get them printed... do I need to buy a film scanner to print through a PC printer.  How do I create a "dry" darkroom.

It would be nice eventually to also get back into having a "wet" darkroom. to develop and print like I used to many years ago.   Seeing a print "come to life" as the image develops onto paper is just pure magic.  But for the moment I just want to shoot some film on my new panoramic camera to test it (and me) out !! 

With thanks, Paul

I guess from the lack of response to my earlier posting that there are no xpan users... surely not?

Can someone reply please if only to demonstrate that the site is active with hasselbad users.

Desperately yours, Paul

Hi Paul,

Hopefully, there are still many Hasselblad users out ther

As you may have noticed, we've just redesigned our forums. So I guess it's gonna take a little time before they come back.

We need people like you to show everybody that there is a real Hasselblad community.

Best regards,


Loads of X-pan users out here!

Getting X_pan processed and printed can be a difficult business, but once you've found a lab to do the processing its great. I've been using a local, local to Newcastle upon Tyne UK lab - second one actully since the first went under like so many others. I get them to do it all and just hand over the cash! I do scan the odd ones and twos for the website but you need a decent scanner that will do a 6x6 neg, most only do 24x36mm -just I use an Epson 4490 no longer made but will scan 4x5 sheet if needed, then photoshop and its as good as a dry dark room. Its fine for most uses, web and small prints but above about 24" I think you need a better scanner and printer. Trouble with a wet darkroom, apart from not having the space is you need a 6x6 enlarger to cover the negs, so I've found it better to take trannies and get them processed and scan my self. It depends what you want to end up with my thoughts are you get better results from letting the pros do it, it costs more admitedly but they have the kit and its all properly configured -have you tried setting icc colour profiles!! and dont charge you for the cock-ups (jammed paper, dodgy cartriges, bad colour matches etc) and it give you the time to get out and shoot! There are a few x-pans on www.timbasing.co.uk if your interested


Thank you Jerome and Tim for responding to my topic.  I was glad to see that this Hasselblad site is active and for the encouraging words from you both.

Tim, visited your website, what fantastic images... these are exactly the type of images I want to try and produce.  I also want to have a 500 or 200 series, to go alongside my Xpan.  After seing your colour photos I am not so sure that I just want to concentrate on monochrome!  I will take your advise on using a dry darkroom and I will look out for a scanner.  Can you tell me what printer you use and/or recommend a suitable printer for the type of photography I want to shoot (ie similar to yours).

Without your help I would be still stumbling along not knowing which is the right direction to go in, saving me both time and money.

Big thanks, Paul