Which camera

I am interested in buying a Hasselbad. I have always had an interest in photography and some years ago had an OM system. Having got to stage in my life where I wish to take it up again, mainly to do landscapes and travel. The X-Pan appeals to me due to its ability to shoot panoramic but uncertain about its quality compared to a "real 6x6 Hasse".

Can anyone provide me with details of what Hasselbals would best suit the type of photography I wish to aspire to do, it may be that I choose both formats, but which 6x6 system is best suited to landscapes

The negatives from an Xpan are just a little wider than the ones from the V system.
24X65 mm for the Xpan against 56X56 mm for the V system.
With the V system you have the option to use the A16 filmback that will give 41X56 mm and 16
images on 120 film.
For printing negatives from 24X65 mm exposures an enlarger that is adapted to this format will be neccesary.

The V system is in good supply at prices that start with around 500USD for an older kit containing standard 80mm lens, 500CM body and A12 filmback.
More recent cameras may require about 1000 USD. They are worth investigating.
You get what you pay for: a younger camera with back and lens to match will last longer and is more likely to give trouble free performance.
Many 30 year old V cameras are still being used every day and give excellent results.
Plenty of options like lenses, viewers and many others available at modest prices.

With the choice of the camera you also decide for excellent Fuji lenses with the Xpan or for legendary
Carl Zeiss lenses with V series cameras.

The prices I mentioned are based on recent eBay results.
Prices from a dealer are 20-30 % higher but give you guarantee and often easy terms to excxhange or uprate.
A reliable dealer to start with is www.KEH.com
For excellent repairs, free good advice and V system cameras and lenses contact David Odess.
For website information just google and you will find him.

Thanks Paul (Gardener)...
I am in the process of buying a 205FCC, but I guess I will at some stage also buy the X-Pan as it also looks like an amazing camera.

Looking forward to enjoying my Hasselblad and the club

Paul Robinson