Supreme Wide Angle for sale

I have decided to sell my old Supreme Wide Angle camera. It was once an everyday user but since digital I haven't used it much. The camera is in perfect working order & as long as one avoids shooting into strong lights it would yield results that were nearly identical to the latest multicoated SWCs. The camera's greatest value may be as a collector's item. It has wear from many year's service but is still in better condition than others I have recently seen. You can judge it's condition for yourself by looking at the pics I have posted on my website. These are closeups of all the worst features & truthfully the camera gives a much better cosmetic impression when seen in person. Included is a 12 exp. back, proshade, ground glass back, waistlevel finder, rear cover & strap. The link is:


KEH camera has offered me $1000 for the outfit and as they typically offer 1/2 of their anticipated selling price I am priceing it at $2000USD or best offer. Your satisfaction is gauranteed (within reason). I can be reached at cameraman [at] or 606-549-2181. Location is Williamsburg, Ky. USA.



Butch Housman