Supreme Wide Angle

Submitted by Brad Mikel on Tue, 01/05/2010 - 00:37

I have a Hasselblad Supreme Wide Angle, and would like to get an approximate value for it. I no longer use the camera, which is totally functional, but not in great cosmetic shape. It is Serial # CIW1230, and I believe is from around 1954. Does anyone have an idea of how I can find a value? I would like to list it for sale, but want to set a fair price. Glass is clean, and it has the rangefinder with level. 

Many thanks.

fotobrad [at] 


Tue, 01/05/2010 - 14:40

They are worth about the same as a newer SWC, about US$1,500 to $2,000.

Depending on condition. And on who's looking for one when you are selling.