Searching for Hasselblad 500C NASA camera photos

Submitted by Ulrik on Wed, 05/28/2008 - 14:36

I am in the process of building a NASA modified 500C replica. I have already stripped a 500C camera (removed mirror, auxiliary shutter, leatherette, paint, glue, accesory rail, flash contact) but details are still missing/unclear. I am aware that there are several versions, first cameras were modified by NASA, later cameras were prepared in Sweden. In contrast to pictures of motorized NASA Hasselblads there are only few pictures available of these modified 500C cameras. And many of these photos show only a replica where it is not clear to me how close it is to one of the original cameras. So if you have pictures or happen to own an original NASA 500C, please contact me. You can send pictures also to ulrik (ett) gmx (dot) de