Old hassey man....

Submitted by hassey500 on Sat, 11/22/2008 - 17:22

 Good morning!

I have been using hassey's since I purchased my first one in the mid 80's.  Found myself, in the last 3 years, caught up in the "digital" age.  Purchased a Nikon D300 and have been working with it for some time.  I find that when I worked with film, everytime I was able to get the best photos with it.  Digital kinda of has a mind of it's own.  Some day's it works great, other's it does not.  I miss the feel, sound and look of the hassey.  Just this last week I pulled out my gear and am heading out to take test shots, and get back to working with the best camera system every made.

I have been working as a pro photographer for 28 years.  After a year off, heading back into it, still using the same 500 C, and 500 C/M, 150, 80 and 50mm lens, 2- 120 backs and 1-220 back.

Thank you,


randy [at] dawsonphoto.com