Nikon flash with 503 CWD

 I'm new to Hasselblad and have a question. I have the 503 CWD kit that came with the 40MM Zeiss. Can I use my Nikon SB-800 flash with this camera? Nikon makes a double male PC flash cord so one end would go to the PC socket on the lens, and the other end to the PC socket on the Nikon SB-800. I realize this would be all manual control if it were to work. I just don't want to mess up the electronics on my new Hassey. Can anyone help? Thank you so much for your time!-Doug

I just answered my own question. But I want to leave this posted in case someone can use the information. I ordered the Nikon SC-15 cord which is a double male pc flash cord. The Nikon SB-800 works beautifully with the 503 CWD. This is all manual mode of course, and one has to "wake up" the SB-800 by pushing any button when it goes to stand-by. (It does this to conserve battery life) The flash will not fire in stand-by mode. I use the 503CWD mounted on a Stroboframe with the Nikon for portable fill flash and so forth. It's a wonderful camera, and the results remind me of when I used high quality film.


Wed, 08/04/2010 - 04:11

I am looking for a solution to using a Nikon SB800 and a 503 CX in the Aperture Control Mode.