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Hello to everybody

I am an Italian new entry and this is the first time that I write down something into this forum. Since I am a photo-enthusiast I am a member of other clubs therefore before using this forum area I' d like to understand how goes on and what is its target. For example if I want to introduce myself what is the forum subject ? Q&A, Tips&Tricks, Classified.

Furthermore I' d like to know why we have so little correspondance and practically there are no pictures. I apologize for my introduction but I think that an "Hasselblad club" that rappresents the best of best photo equipment ever since, must be better supported both from Hasselblad users and Hasselblad company.

I' m looking forward to receive your comments

Best Regards Tiberio

Hello Tiberio, Thank you for your message and welcome to Club Hasselblad ! Some words about : we are not affiliated with the Hasselblad company (except for their great cameras of course !). ClubHasselblad was created 3 years ago by 2 persons : a French collector, Mr Alain Lazzarini (my father), and I, the computer geek :). Back then (in 2005), the only available website dedicated to the Hasselblad community was Hasselclub (, a great website but unfortunately not available in English. As (native) French and (rather poor) English speakers, we felt more comfortable with English. My father was willing to share his passion for Hasselblad cameras so we decided to launch our own Hasselblad community. It all started with a few HTML pages and we are now running a complete CMS with support for forums, galleries, blogs, surveys etc. I'd like to seize the opportunity to ask everybody using a few questions: do you think we should add new forums ? remove the old ones and build something different ? include more specific sub-forums (V-System) ? I spend most of my time updating our CMS, doing database backups, checking logs etc. so we need your feedback and your ideas. ClubHasselblad was made by Hasselblad users for Hasselblad users. We need you to help us build a real community. Best regards, Jerome.

Hi Mr Jerom
First of all I' d like to thank you for your explanation and here in after I would like to write down some my ideas.
Around the web I found some photography web sites from where we could catch some information about how your ClubHasselblad culd be arranged

For secon step you could write to Hasselblad conpany introducing the club statement ad asking them their ufficial support. Of corse in that position the Club has to be manage in the best way.
Third step could be how to get in touch with a professionist Hasselblad photographers around the world in orther to use their photo album. I think that this coud be feasable because for the professionists, your web-site will be an oppurtunity to introduce their product.
Forth - Abut forum I think that you have to split it in some more items sush as :
Collectionist, Digital photo, equipment, photo album, museum, news, reviews, etc.

By the way don' t forget that just last year during an european meeting, 70% of the present phographers declared that they will want to continue using a film matter

Note: I would like to explain that I am not a great photographer, I am a normal person that loves photography and wants to contine using a traditional film matter even because to get Hasselblad digital equipment form me is impossible.

I close my modest suggestions hoping that they could be a good help for you.

Awaiting your comments

Best Regards Tiberio

Hi Tiberio,

Thank you very much for your ideas.

It took me some time, but I've finally managed to redesign our forums. What do you think ?

Regarding the photo gallery, it would be great if people and photographs could post their photos. I'm currently working on it

Best regards,


Hello Jerome!  I am a very new member and Just joined the Forum .I am attached to the other forums and specially to the Hasselblad forum and I just joined yours. So I read your reply above question of Tiberio, and glad to meet you and Know about you. Your answer to Tiberio has answered to the mine which I was preparing for .

I'll meeting you soon again.