Inherited Hasselblad: Stuck Winding Crank

I recently inherited my father's 501cm with an 80 mm CB lens. I have never used a Hasselblad before so I purchased the 6th edition of "The Hasselblad Manual" by Ernst Wildi so I could understand what I am dealing with. I began exploring the camera only to find that the Winding Crank will not move except for a slight wiggle back and forth as if locked. I got the camera to prerelease and then release, but now it is stuck in that mode. On the back, there reads a "1" for the number of pictures taken and a red dot to indicate the film has been exposed and needs to be advanced. And here lies my problem. It seems that because the film needs to be advanced the back will not come off and the mirror stays up. I checked the Manual and Wildi says in one part: "to remove the winding crank, push the locking lever downwards..." (pg. 80). Now I am not trying to remove the winding crank but the mention of a locking lever has me worried as I see no locking lever present on the winding crank. I would much rather fix this myself then have to send it somewhere and pay a buttload of cash. Am I missing a a locking lever or just being an idiot? Any information would be greatly appreciated!


not sure if you got an answer but the back is designed to be removed at any time providing the dark slide is in place. This is a feature of these cameras so that you can change film types part way through a shoot by changing to another back that has different film in it. You have to have the dark slide in place first though.