Hi from Oz!

Submitted by Analog6 on Sun, 09/20/2009 - 08:10

 I've been taking photos for nearly 50 years now. I had a hasselblad 500c kit in the '70s, but it was stolen from the car after I'd had it about 2 years. No insurance, so back to 35mm. I've used canon gear (and love it) ever since.

About a year ago I bought a 553elx body and 150mm Sonnar f4 lens with teh express hope of buying a digital back when and if they were affordable.

Recently while browing backs on the web I found and bought a whole kit - Hasselblad H2 with HV90x and PHASE ONE P20 and 80mm 2.8. I'm currently awaiting its delivery from the UK. I'm pretty excited about getting into medium format digital.

My main reason for wanting to go back to med format is the larger sensors and the greater dynamic range, giving more to work with. My subjects of choice are landscapes, nature & wildlife, and events. Look forward to meeting lots of like minded folk here.

G'day....just joined my self...