Hi! Just bought a 501CM

Submitted by benedict on Wed, 12/25/2013 - 04:47

Hi everyone, just got a hassy and been through the net and you tube for some tutorials. The camera is second hand and looks in ok condition. However when I look through view finder I see a lot of spots which I think is dust. I have not shot a roll yet but:

1) is this likely to come out on my shots

2) is it possible to remove? Or clean?



1. No, it not come out on your shots.

2. it is not possible to remove it becouse it come as is from the manufacture


Why not USE it with real FILM !!  Then you will see about the so-called 'Spots' -- when I got MY 'blad in 2002 I read the instruction book then loaded up with some of outdated film and I was away !