Hi all... I have a collection of Hasselblad Photography Guides

Hi all... I have a collection of Hasselblad Photograhy Guides for sale.

These are in excellent conditions and rather than just putting them on eBay I thought there might be someone enthusiastic about Hasselblad that could take these.

They range from 1973 to 1980. They are all in English but they are original versions printed in Sweden.

If anyone is interested please reply to this thread or contact me on pedro [at] pcwestlondon.co.uk

1- Hasselblad Portrait Photography, 1973

2- Hasselblad Copying  Techniques, 1974

3- Hasselblad Press Photography, 1975

4- Hasselblad From Dusk To Dawn, Photography in Poor Lighting, 1975

5- Hasselblad Industrial Photography, 1975

6- Hasselblad Square Composition, 1976

7- Hasselblad The Eye, The Camera, The Image, A Concise Lesson in Photography, 1977 (two copies)

8- Hasselblad Child Photography, 1976

9- Hasselblad Lenses, 1977

10- Hasselblad Portrait Photography, 1977

11- Hasselblad Wide-Angle Photography, 1977

12- Hasselblad Telephoto Photography, 1978

13- Hasselblad SWC/M, 1980

14- Hasselblad Black & White Photography, 1980