Help: My pictures are overlapping!


My expossures are overlapping each other on the nagatives. Sometimes the space between the two different frames are fine, but sometimes there is no space at all between them and the last one is inside the one before it. I guess the problem is that the spacing is not precise.

Is it something that I do wrong? Is it something with the camera or something with the back? I haven't tried to use another back since I only have one...

How much will a repeairment cost me, if it's needed?

Hope you can help me. My camera is a 503cx




Sun, 07/22/2007 - 23:25

Hello Mads,

There are two possible causes for overlapping frames.

The first is "user error": make sure you load the film until the mark on the spool arm lines up with the line running across the backing paper.

The other is a malfunction of the transport mechanism.
If this is it, it will probably be not a major repair, but just a tightening of screws and readjusting of bits.

How much a repair will cost depends mostly on who will be doing it, and there is not one definite answer. Sorry!


Mon, 07/23/2007 - 22:12

I believe the proper term of "user error" is Operator Assisted Failure [OAF]. Don't take that personally. Really what you need is a clean, lube, and adjust [CLA] on the film back as QG said.


Thanks both of you.. Mads