HELP!!! Magazine Jammed; loaded used film

Submitted by amiz on Fri, 12/19/2008 - 08:55

Hasselblad 500 series magazine (I think made in '92).

I stupidly loaded used film in to the magazine.

I shot few then the crank stopped. 

and the folder doesn't even come out of the magazine!

Do you know easy tip/trick to solve this?

I don't mind to ruin the film.  

or do I have to pay $$$ to get it fixed????



Sat, 12/20/2008 - 17:22

The film and/or paper will be jamming things. You will have to find a way to pry it out.

If the dark slide still goes in, and the magazine still comes off, you're in luck. You then can get in through the film gate, and remove paper and film (cutting it to shreds that will come out) until you have removed enough of the stuff that is catching when you try to remove the insert. 

If not, you can try if a thin, narrow bit of metal can lift the catch the darkslide cannot reach.

It is on the far, upper end of the dark slide slot. It is a fork that needs to be lifted a tiny bit, so the release button slide can move in that direction. Lift it too far, and it will block the release button slide again.

If that doesn't help, and brute force does not either, the insert has to be dismantled (4 screws beneath the leatherette), so it will come out in parts.

These parts can be reassembled again, by someone who knows how to.


Tue, 12/23/2008 - 20:28

Thanks Q.G!

IT worked! You saved me!

It took me few days to make up my mind to use brute force on hasselblad...

as I've never handled the camera like that... :-p

The film was stuck zigzag and was hard to pull film and paper out.

Luckily both holder and magazine came out scratch-free.

Thanks again.