Hello from Sweden

Submitted by Forry on Sat, 01/15/2011 - 22:08

 Hello Hasselblad fans lovers and owners

I stumbled over this place when surfing the net and felt i would like to be part of it. As of now i have no Hassy but plans are for aquiring a 503CXi or CW with Winder and PME 45 prism, I have owned several Hassys during the years, from the 500 C/M i bought new when attenting photography school many years ago..a lifetime ago in fact :)to 2000FCW, 2000FCM

As of now i am completely digital using Nikon D2Xs but i miss the slow relaxed contemplating process of making images, not to mention the sound of the mechanics of a Hasselblad.:)

Hopefully this spring/summer will find me walking in nature with this dream enjoyong every minute


Have a good time all of you