Hello - I've gone and done it.

Hi everyone. I'm still reeling with excitement. After many years of receiving the Hasselblad Christmas calendar as a present from the family - I am now the very proud owner of a much loved and cherished 503CX that the owner decided to sell because he was not using it anymore.

It was love at first sight and once I handled and used the 503 I just had to take it home with me.

I've been interested in photography for many years, mainly 35mm film, some medium format pinhole work and more recently DSLR cameras.

I've always wanted to own a Hasselblad and now I do. The seller was very genuine and took great care to explain how to look after his camera and get the best from it. His infectious enthusiasm rubbed off on me and I was sold - the camera was mine.

The wait was worth it. Now I'm looking forward to joining, learning and contributing to the forum.

Kind regards

Barry James

Hi Barry,

I'm sure you'll enjoy your brand new camera.

Congratulations, and welcome to the Hasseblad world !

Best regards,




 I've owned and used Hasselblads for over 30 years and have enjoyed using them to make images.  Unlike  the 35 mm format, medium format cameras encourage one to think about one's picture taking, sometimes resulting in extraordinary photographs. So, Barry, .... go out and enjoy making some wonderful images with your Hasselblad! 

Hello Barry,

Congratulations!  I have the same camera (system) which I purchased 19 year ago to date, added the necessities: Metz flash w/ adapter, and a soft focus filter for portrait and wedding pics. Needless to say this camera is absolutely awsome! Personally, it's not a toy---it is a serious machine!

While I still have my old 35mm system as well, my 503cx is used for all the 'specials'. Have some digital equipment too, but now that the 'digital backs' are available for the 503cx, I am seriously considering selling everything (other than the Hassy!) to buy one.

Best of luck to your photography!



Tibor Lukacs