Hello from Italy

Submitted by Guglielmo on Thu, 07/02/2015 - 12:10

Hi to everybody!

I am Italian and I live in Italy. Always fond of hi-qual photography since yougster. I appreciate details so large format is my target even if not yet accomplished for practical reasons. When 21 old (now 60!) I got my medium format compromise camera namely a Zenza Bronica S2 that was the poor man Hassy. Then for time reason (I still work) I sold everything 5 years ago and I reluctantly bought a compact digital even if of noble brand (Leica). Nevertheless the analogue photo was always in my mind so now, finally, I bought a beautiful set composed by a 500C and a SWC both with chrome body.

Not yet appreciated their quality so I shall have the right time to shot some film. In the meanwhile I enjoy their classical look and in the spare time I take the occasion to clean and set-up these wonderful machines.

See you on the Forum!