Hasselblad/Zeiss Equipment For Sale

Submitted by dmsp on Fri, 12/05/2008 - 16:56

Camera Bodies:

  • 500 C/M Body w/A-12 film cartridge - waist level view finder
  • 500 C Body w/A-12 film cartridge - eye cup view finder

Zeiss Lenses:

  • Distagon f4/40mm C-version - Serial # Nr5455953
  • Makro-Planar f4/120mm CF-version - Serial # 6964617
  • Planar f2.8/80mm C-version - Serial # Nr5263414

View images at link - enter username & password in lowercase letters when prompted:

Equipment is older with normal signs of wear (please view images).  The 500 C/M body and the backs were serviced a couple of years ago by Hasselblad and are in good working order.  Since, they have only been used a few times.  The lens glass has no scratches although the coating on the front element of the Zeiss 80mm shows wear.  The photographer using this gear reports no problems with the lenses.

Asking $1200 + Shipping.

May contact me directly at david [at] davidsaxphoto.com

Could you confirm if this equipment is still available?  I did email you directly but have received no reply.  You can email me directly on michelle [at] mcuconsultants.co.uk

Thank you