Hasselblad 203 fe +++

Submitted by jeralia on Sun, 12/27/2009 - 04:31

 Please find a listing of equipment I am interested in selling and/or trading.  I have owned these items for several years and have unfortunately had too little opportunity to "shoot" with them and I find that it is more realistic for me to once again use 35 mm slr, now digital technology.  

All equipment is in mint/new condition with the exception of the polaroid film back and the d-40 flash which are in what I would categorize as "good" condition.  I have all original boxes, caps, cases, etc. as well as a few other items related to this "set" of equipment.

1. Hasselblad #10561 - 203 fe Camera Body (chrome) - S/N: 85511252;
2. Hasselblad #20516 - 50mm Zeiss Distagon FE  F/2.8 (FLE) - S/N: 2K7990792
3. Hasselblad #3020074 - 180 mm Zeiss Sonnar CFE F/4 - S/N: 8K8878898
4. Hasselblad #20524 - FE 110 mm  F/2 Planar - S/N: 2L8863975
5. Hasselblad #20034 - 80 mm Zeiss Planar CFE F/2.8 - S/N: 838872128
6. Hasselblad #20605 - 2x Converter - Converter 2XE - S/N: 44EC12080
7. Hasselblad #3042309 - PM 45 Prism Viewfinder - S/N: 404SH2027
8. Hasselblad #30244 - E12 Chrome Backs - quantity=2 with dark slides and cases;
9. Hasselblad # 3030244 - E12 Chrome Back - with dark slide and case
10. Hasselblad #30198 - Polaroid Film Magazine (100);
11. D-40 Flash

Thanks for taking a look at this and providing a price for this equipment.

I can be reached by email and/or by phone at 215-407-3900.


Jerry A. Roseman


is the 203 still for sale?

I'm an EU buyer, the stuff is in EU?


Gianluca Forte


I'm interested in buying the camera, lenses and backs. Are you selling it as a whole set or in parts?

Can you provide any prices for equipment please? Thank you.

Best regards,