H4D-50, lenses and accessories for sale

Dream gear for sale.  Perfect condition.  Less than 50 activations on camera.

H4D-50 body, digital back and viewfinder.

HCD 35-90mm f4-5.6 lens.

HCD 50-110mm F3.5-4.5 lens.

HCD 28mm f4 lens.

HC 300mm f4.5 lens.

HC 120mm Macro f4 lens.

HC 50mm II f3.5 lens.

HC 100mm f2 lens.

HC 80mm f2.8 lens.

HTS 1.5 Tilt-Shift Adaptor.

H 1.7X Converter

52mm, 26mm and 13mm extension tubes

HVM 16-32 film back

HVM Waist level viewfinder

***ALL gear in perfect (essentially new) condition.  Will offer special pricing for package deal.

Call Daryll @ 612-961-7772, Serious inquires only, please.