Greetings from Brazil

Submitted by dbrunod on Thu, 10/01/2009 - 20:11

Hi there,

Just stopped by to say hi, since I´m 52 minutes old in this forum :). So you better know me, I´m a 28 year old part time photographer and entusiast from Brazil (so excuse my english!). I´m also a camera collector. I own a few medium format cameras (most yashica, flexaret), some 35 mm vintage and of course digital. It was my dream to have a hassel for my pictures, and now this dream is fulfilled.

I recently aquired a 66´500C camera with the plannar 80mm 2.8. It´s in awsome condition and hardly used. No marks in the body or lenses. I true finding in the market. I paid for it around US$ 300.

If you want to know what i shoot -



 Hi Daniel, 

great site, gostei !

I am  new to the Xpan camera and obviously  new to the Club Hasselblad . I will test it very soon here in Brazil where I live :)

best, Jean-Marc.