FS: Hasselblad 2000 FCW prototype with databus

Submitted by Ulrik on Wed, 05/28/2008 - 14:24

This is a prototype that Hasselblad and/or Zeiss used to test the integration of databus contacts into camera bodies. This non-working 2000 FCW-labelled camera body (mirror and shutter assembly missing) contains databus contacts at the front and at the rear. In contrast to later production cameras the lens bayonett has a double row of databus contacts. This is the layout which is described in an early Hasselblad patent. Also a few prototype lenses with corresponding databus contact layout have surfaced in the past. The additional contacts were meant for information transfer to metered prism finders as far as I understand it/as I was told. The camera does not have a serial number. The electronics visible in the camera are experimental. Price is 1000 Euros.
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