FS 500C/M w/150mm & 80mm lens's

My Aunt Crickett was an Awsome photograher, when she died in a car wreck last January I inherited all of her cameras and gear. I am not realy into photography and would like to sell the Hasselblad camera and the 2 Carl Ziese lens's.

I don't know enough about this equipment to base a fair selling price, I did find a hand written reciept in the camera bag from November of 2001 for $1,600. Again I have no idea if this was a great deal she got or if it was fair for the time.

I can take pictures of the gear and e-mail it to you if you are interested.

Please contact me if you or someone you know would like to own this gear, and please be fair with your bid.

Dave (321)298-2850

can you email me pictures and give me a description of the camera's wear and possibly serial numbers on the equipment? thanks.

Bencross, to see photos of the camera go to Craigslist-Florida-SpaceCoast-Photo/video or just do a search for Hasselblad. I can send you the serial numbers tonight when I get home. As far as the wear; it looks like it is in very good condition. But then again i don't know that much about photography.

please e-mail me at; ginjesdav [at] yahoo.com


I looked all around the outside of the camera body and could find NO serial numbers, are these numbers located on the interior of the camera? Let me know if your still interested.


This camera gear has been sold, I would have deleted it but could not find the function that will delete it.

Thank you for inquiring.

God Bless