FS: 500C Kit with 80mm T* CZ lens

Submitted by ChyLn on Mon, 09/08/2008 - 21:55

500C Hasselblad body with Waist Level Viewfinder: The body itself has a split focus focusing screen installed... which is not the usual included. Body is in excellent condition, there are some small cosmetic imperfections, but otherwise it looks almost as good as my (much newer) 501C!

80mm f2.8 T* C Carl Zeiss Planar (not the original chrome lens, the black C lens that is coated and more flare resistant) Aperture blades are still snappy and shutter still times. Glass itself is perfect, no scratches, no hazing, no fungus.

Additional Prism Viewfinder. I think it is the RM-2 but I'm not sure.Cosmetic scratches on the surface, ground glass and magnifying glass in great condition.

12 frame film Magazine with dark slide. I have recently run a roll of film through this and it works perfectly fine.

Pretty much, it's everything that you need to get started in medium format photography. The man I originally bought it from really babied his gear and everything looks to be in excellent, excellent condition.

Pictures can been seen at: http://picasaweb.google.com/ChyLn807/HasselbladJPEG?authkey=0qsXXpFwmEc#

 Hello! I´m interested in your kit. How much for it?