carl zeiss 105mm f4.3 UV sonnar for sale or exchange

Submitted by Alain on Thu, 12/04/2008 - 17:49

i have a carl zeiss 105mm uv sonnar in like new condition

i can change it against nasa lens or nasa film magazine


Hasselblad 105mm f4.3 UV-Sonnar    Do you still have this lens?

 Ditto!  I have been searching for this lens for over 5 years.  Money is not an object.  Have certain applications for which it is important.  Anyhow, I am also interested.  Cheers, Steve


Thu, 02/17/2011 - 21:08

Me to!


Cheers, Klaus  

I own both the Zeiss UV Sonnar and Nikon UV Nikkor lenses and am interested in selling or trading. If trading, I am particularly interested in Hasselblad medium format digital but would consider new pro quality Nikon equipment too.

aardvarkopto [at]


i also would like to sell a Zeiss 105 UV-Sonnar C in very good condition. 

i can't test it, but it looks almost unused.

Anyone interested?

Send me an offer... trichius.zonatus [at]


Hasselblad -   500EL body with magazin 70 for sale: pleaseAU$460.00 0r make an offer- if interested please ring  anytime on +610296861049.


anyone seling a Hasselblad 105mm f/4.3 UV-Sonnar(CF) lens (+ UG11 UV-PASS filter ?) please let me know how I can find one. There have been a lot of them moving on Club Hasselblad, so I believe this is a is a good place to look.

I am also looking to the well-informed Club Hasselblad community to advise on any other medium format Ultra-Violet lens of similar or higher quality [lower distortion and greater MTF; possibly in other focal lengths], but there are few other lenses to choose from.

Any insight is appreciated.


Mark Anton Read

Photographer / Cinematographer - NYC

markantonread [at]