best 80mm lens

Submitted by jimnk on Thu, 01/08/2009 - 06:14

Gentlemen; I would like to acquire a Hasselblad camera/lens. I have owned many medium and 4x5 cameras as well as an assortment of darkroom equipment. I have always wanted a Hassleblad because of the lens. I need a lens that will explode the picture on the print frame. When I was working I had the equipment that I could produce with and was used to, I noticed that I started to see square framing some years ago and should have then bought a Hasselblad system. Please help me get the best Hasselblad/lens combination. I don't need electric I need the lens and a camera to put it on. Jimnk


Sat, 01/17/2009 - 18:12



With two minor exceptions, all Hasselblad Planar 80 mm lenses are the same.

The exceptions are the very first C version (rather rare, so not something you'd come across) and the CB version. Both have a different design, compared to the rest of the lot. The CB lens is slightly less good. I don't know about the performance of the early C lens.

So the difference between the various versions is in the mount.

And here there are two main differences: with ot without leaf shutter.

The shutterless F lenses obviously can only be used on Hasselblad cameras having a focal plane shutter (2000- and 200-series). They have a somewhat shorter close-focus limit.

These shutterless lenses come in two mounts: the early F mount, and the later FE mount. The FE version has contacts to be used by the 200-series bodies.

The shuttered lenses come in a variety of mounts, starting with the oldest C mount (Synchro-Compur), CF mount (Prontor shutter, with improved ergonomics), and CFE and CFi mounts (even better ergeonomics. The difference between CFE and CFi is that the "E" version has "E"lectronic contacts, used by the metering electronics in 200-series bodies).

The CB mount i mentioned before is similar to the CFi.

 A CF or CFi/CFE lens would be the best option. A C lens (in good condition. Check before buying!) would also do fine.