500 c/m Vs. 501 c/m

 so i have two 500  c/m's one   chrome  one  black and i have two backs  for my   chrome one but its starting  to  develop  shutter sag and   my black one has now  become my shooter  and ive  found  myself in  quite the pickle should i keep both or should  i sell  my black one as an outfit and  buy a 501  c/m leaving me with a down 500 c/m and my 501 with  a 50mm f4 cfi lens  and two backs is selling  my  black  camera worth the 501?  ive never  played with one sadly but  they are just beautiful and from what i understand they have the floating  mirror  that will be  very  nice when  using  my  50mm. please leave input im stuck  haha


Tue, 08/10/2010 - 21:49

As you know, the black 500C/M is a bit special, so I would definately keep it. The 501 is very nice, but I've been told that the 500 is better over time, being simpler, without the sliding mirror, ie, easier & cheaper to repair or maintain.

I 'm curious as to why you need 2 bodys? I would go to a good camera repair person, and ask what it cost to repair your chrome body. Then I would ask them if they wanted to buy it as is! I wouldn't sell a 500 to get a 501. You buy a 501 or 503 because you can't find a nice 500C/M !